Friday, August 28, 2009

A Big Girl Room Remodel

The baby girl is getting bigger and bigger by the day, unfortunately. She is now completely potty trained--day and night. She has felt free to climb out of her crib and wander at her leisure for some time now. And, let's be honest, I never really "decorated" her room the first time. We bought one pack of vinyl pink sticker thingies to put on the wall and a fancy bedding set from Babies'R'Us and that was about it. We didnt even repaint the loft turned nursery for her arrival (LAZY).
So, it is the time!! On my first excursion to Atlanta to visit my sis, we hit the ever-fabulous Ikea. I had been looking for some color inspiration for this potential room and found a great comforter cover there. A few accessories to match and we were out of there for less than $50. Deal of the century. Add onto that another $35 in paint and about $20 in odds and ends and it brought me in just barely over $100 for the entire project....well, that and about 2 days of my time, but I will give her that for free.

This was the starting wall color with sticker things still in place. Obviously we had already started dismantling things. We are messy, but not quite this bad!
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed

Now, I am going to start right here and now and say that I blatantly stole lots of ideas straight off the internet and particularly etsy. There are some of the cutest wall decals on etsy, for pretty reasonable prices, too. But, not within my budget and frankly it is easier for me to just wing it with a paintbrush than to actually take the time to order anything. I am a big proponent of "you can always paint over it".
So, here goes.
All things start with a proper tape job.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
And a new wall color (BAM!!).
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed

And so, we begin the design portion of our show.....
Gigantic branch coming out of the wooden wall.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
Embellishment of said branch.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
Add a little branch on the other side for symmetry....we MUST have symmetry...
Hmmm, perhaps i forgot to mention the red stripes on the back wall......oops.....we like some two-tone rooms around here...

Anyway, must tie the red stripes into everything else. The poppies were kindof an afterthought....also stolen from etsy....I was getting a little over-swirled with the branches. I had planned for some kinda graphic swirlyness under the window, but changed at the last minute.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed

Now this "over-doing it" portion of our show....the mural branch was lacking something. I decided it was a worm....and a crown on the bird.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
A valance and some ribbon over the existing curtains.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
And finally, some linens and a handmade bedskirt added to a bed made of two footboards so it is low and my baby wont fall far when she tumbles out in the middle of the night.
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
Oh, and a gigantic orange bolster and the cute night light lamp from ikea. And the handpainted sign from Aunt Katelyn.

Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed

Here she is trying it out for the first time....she seems a little freaked....
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
......sharing her spot with the big bro....
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
....oh, did I mention the awesome green sheets....oops.....
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
...fake sleeping....
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
.....fake sleeping only lasted for seconds, then the jumping began....
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed

I know she is bad! There is no covering it up. But, she is like the cutest thing ever, so what am I going to do?!
Room Redo--1st Big Girl Bed
The End!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ollivander's - Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C. (a tutorial)

Caris is on a big Harry Potter kick these past couple weeks. The Sorcerer's Stone is pretty much running on a loop in the living room and she is giving lectures to me about Dumbledore and the "cat that turns into a lady". 
Also, at every opportunity she is casting spells on me that will either open me up (alohamora) or make me float (wingardium leviosa)--all performed with either a stolen wand from her brother or any random stick she comes across.  As anyone who knows me is well aware, I am incredibly proud of my baby. She is awesome.  Not every two year old in the world is capable of mastering "swish and flick" with such panache, put a proper wizard needs a proper wand...

So, now we come to the crafty portion of this post. Admittedly, I overdo things to the nth degree....that is a given at this point.....

These are the supplies. Total cost = $5.  That is just one dowel chopped up.  The little things on top were mini candle holders that I sawed the base off with a miter saw (can you say protective goggles).

Then--again, I overdo--I embellished them with a woodburning tool (and also burned 3 holes into my shirt which is unrelated to this project).

And finally, color and finish. Caris handpicked metallic purple for hers, Jack requested gold and I made the blue for Julia just to be funny. It is her favorite color and I made it tiny so she can carry it in her purse....she will be thrilled, I'm sure. The other is just an extra to use up the dowel.

The older kids already have proper wands from previous birthdays/Christmases, but who can't use an extra?! Am I right?! And they are personalized!
This is Caris's first of her very own, though, and she is loving it up!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This is my sister-in-law's.

It makes this.

I now have much jealousy.

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Monday, August 3, 2009


We went to Atlanta this weekend to visit with the sister and bro-in-law. They just moved there so they don't yet have a handle on all the city amenities, but I knew I wanted to hit IKEA.

The girls headed there on Sunday while the boys went gocarting and buying blanco zapatos ( long sorted story). It was terrific as ever and I managed to escape for less than $150--which I thought was pretty good.
Caris is in need of a new big-girl room so we shopped for that...very successfully. This pic isn't what we got but is one of many many beds Caris tried out.

We got recyling bins, a coffee carafe, a giant mug for Julia, and a clip on bedlamp for Jackson, and a couple of gifts I was needing in the near future. Good haul.
I should have gotten some whisks because I do love a whisk.

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