Sunday, July 26, 2009

French Horn Pants

No, the pants arent for the french horn...they are for the french horn player.
Julia and I went for a quick trip to the awesome Textile Fabrics in Nashville and she found this cute stuff.
She also decided that she needed these loungy-pants for a slumber party that was happening in like 2 was imperative. Like a good servant, I did as I was told.
Also, blue is the favorite color....that is where the ribbon comes in. We must cover all the bases.
This is the same pattern I used for the bacon pajama pants mentioned in this post, but this time properly sized. They turned out just fine and she wears them way too constantly.
How's that for a smart-assed look....?


Tina Davis said...

like mother like daughter! i love it u girls look so much alike! i love the pants!!!

Sandy W said...

That's a Jenni pose if I've ever seen one -- and I've seen a few!!!!!!!!

Jenni said...

I have no idea what you two are talking about.

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