Saturday, March 14, 2009

Garden Planning

So, I have this little quirky thing that when i drive on a long trip ...I sit there and think up a million things that i want to do and, unfortunately for him, most of them involve putting Chris to work.
On my trip home from sunny Florida where it was all warm and green and all growy, i was planning out a veggie garden in my mind. It looks something like this one.
I have more land than i could possibly ever use up out here so I am thinking 30 X 30 or so...maybe a little less. I want tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and peppers as well as some herbs and fill in with a bunch of flowers.
This is the layout of the garden above.
I dont see me talking the husband into the arches (they are very nice though...i LIKE!!) ... even the fence will take some convincing. I need some kind of fence to keep my gigantic and veggie loving Molly the dog out. She loves to pull an almost ripe tomato off the vine and play with it. If she ate it it wouldn't be so bad, but she just mocks you with it as is sits pitifully on the porch. It is not nice.
The biggest problem i have with this at the moment is that i have one of these.
It is not working because my boredom with the summer heat last year and complete refusal to go outside even one more minute made me leave it out under a tree all winter. Now it has to have an overhaul. More things to talk the hubby into doing...i may have to read the manual myself and at least start this portion of the project on my own. (Incidentally, my tiller is included.)

Better yet, we have one of these that is getting rebuilt at the moment.
If we could just get this back, that would be SWEET!! My problems would be would be good...all of that. And i could make Chris do it ALL!!


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