Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snacks on a stick!!

Snacks on a stick, originally uploaded by Rowetopia.

There has been an insane amount of interest in my birthday on a stick from February, so I decided to post some more pictures, some previously unseen in public, so that the snacks can be more closely studied for better copy-catting...I am a big fan of copy-catting.

Snacks on a stick
Going from right to left we have cheese cubes on a stick and green grapes on a stick. My sticks were purchased at Party City and look like these only much more colorful. They come in a multi color pack of about 20 for pretty cheap. Less pokey than the bamboo skewer. Other options would be chopsticks or the plastic swords for shorter "sticks". Or chop the sharp end off the bamboo skewer. Also, the cheese cubes were originally intended as "dinner" and were going to share their skewer with some little smokies. I then decided that the hot skewers would be a pain in my be-hiney so i quit that idea.

Snacks on a stick
Here we have Rice Crispy squares cut into cubes alternated with marshmallows on a stick and then pretzel sticks rolled in white chocolate bark and then in some sprinkles. These are sprinkles look all fancy, but what they really are is all the little remnant sprinkles from the bottom of about 5 different bottles in my cabinet. This process uses a heck of alot of sprinkles so be prepared for that. Put the sprinkles on a plate for rolling. The Rice Crispy squares are the store bought ones because they seemed like they were more likely to stay together....and because i was too lazy to make the real ones.

Snacks on a stick
There is not really a good picture of the cup on the far left, but this one and the top picture sort of show it. It is a combo cup. Some of the skewers are pink marshmallows alternated with white marshmallows. The plan was to paint Kirby faces on the pink ones, but honestly....i gave up on that one pretty quickly. The other one is the piece de resistance--the Milky Way on a stick. That's it....really. Just one on each stick. Snack size.

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