Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stop the Insanity--Placemat Pillows, Part 2

Uggg. Let me explain. This could have been easy. But I had a "great idea". That is frequently where it all goes downhill fast for me. I will just give you the nightmare in pictures and see if you can figure where good sense went south and the lunacy began.

The plan is make these placemats into four pillows.
Pillows in progress
The light colored print ones arent double layered so I thought I would split open the green one and use it to back the two print ones. Totally simple, right? Yea, not so much. The green placemat had interfacing sticking the two sides together and was not so easy to pull apart as you would think, but I was determined and in the end I did prevail. Pillow casings done.

{watch my brain work here}
"Hmmmm, what to fill them with. I have a gigantic bag of batting in my craft supplies. I could just fill them with that. Or I could dismantle other pillows like i did previously. That would be all "green" and recycley. Or, if I am recycling anyway, I could use feathers!! I have a feather pillow I never use. Yea, that's the ticket. I will make some awesome feather pillows. They will be all soft and squishy and great. I'm doing it!!"

So, I find some on hand thick fabric that I can makes pillow forms out of. Eyeball the size I want, cut and stitch--leaving an opening for putting the feathers in that I can sew up later.
Looking at this pillow, I figured I could get all four out of this one pillow.
Cut that bad boy open!
Now for the totally fun part. I have to get all these loose feathers into those little pillow forms. Simple grab and stuff. Hmmm, maybe I will go outside for this part. It was totally easy and not messy at all.
In fact, I am so clean after this that I feel sure I can go out to dinner without changing my clothes or anything.
Okay, cute little pillow forms. It only took like what, an hour to do that. Something that should have taken 5 minutes tops.
Now, I think I will spend 2 hours rethreading needle after needle that keep breaking and popping the entire bobbin casing out a few times just for fun. Miss White (the sewing machine) and I are not getting along today. I think she has something against feather pillows. Because I am mad at her I will show you compromising pictures of her inner workings. She should be embarrassed by her behavior.
Anyway, eventually this all got done and the pillows are cute. (I totally should have smoothed the nap on my microfiber couch.)
I only need like 10 more of them, but that will totally have to wait until I forget what a pain in my butt this was.


evonne said...

I need some pillows, now that you are experienced!

Katelyn said...

They are super cute, and I'm sure worth every painstaking moment. I bet the chickens were nervously looking from afar at that fiasco.

Katelyn said...

You and Tina are both breaking needles on these pillows, I'm worried. I made mom some napkin pillow, but haven't posted yet. It might be my mother's day post.

Katelyn said...

...And does your sewingmachine obey the cursing and yelling better if you call it by name? Mine's got brother written across the front of it; does that make it a boy?

Tina Davis said...

lol i have more laughs at katelyns comments! but i think katelyn is not working as hard as we are or she would be breaking needles also!and your pillows are awesome! i havnt finished mine yet because i havnt been to WALMART!! we need one closer then 30 mins! ughhh

Jenni said...

okay, as a late follow up to this i will say that the feather ones are a disaster. there are feathers popping out everywhere....which any idiot could have forseen probably. also, the ones i made with the batting are not to my liking either....too lumpy. i like the idea of it, but next time i am going to fill them with an actual pillowform.
and katelyn, my sewing machine is named "white". i dont think that is gender specific or a very good name. i generally call it "POS"....

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