Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cool Stuff!!

Play Kitchen Accessories, originally uploaded by Rowetopia.

Cariboo and I went looking for a couple things this morning and came back with this stuff. Very colorful and very cute. If we ever finish this kitchen project, she will be very stylish. I am trying to find non-plastic food items for her kitchen, which is slightly difficult. Those plates are bamboo, the bowl and spoon are wood, the potholder is loom made by the big sister (and not for this...mommy has been using it for years) but this tea set, however....not so much organic. More like totally cheapo plastic and probably toxic just to look at it. She was in love though...

I am glad for the nice organic-ish-ness of it (yes, I made that word up) because two seconds after we got in the car she tried to chew the end off.Wooden spoon
Dont ask me. She is waaaay too old to be teething....just being annoying I think.

And the whole time I was piling this stuff here to take the picture, she was trying to steal the teapot to pour "tea" into the other glass.
Play Kitchen Accessories
She is the bad seed, but she sure is cute.

Also, I had to have this. How could I resist for $4.

It leans...Waahaahaaa.


Tina Davis said...

the last leaning item is my fav!!!! thats awesome! check out the dress i just finished on my blog~

Katelyn said...

OMG, there better have only been ONE of those olive oil bottles, if not get your ass back in the car right now and go get me one! I'm not kidding. It would go with my leany chicago shot glass!

Jenni said...

There was only one, I promise. It was at Ross so maybe go look by you.

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