Thursday, April 2, 2009

Simplicity 3835-part deux

I made another one of these. I thought I would post the picks here quickly and so you could see my awesome Heather Bailey Paisley fabric I bought. Why? Because Heather Bailey is awesome.
I stuck to the pattern except made the arms longer and the length of the shirt longer. I also did darts in the back like the dress pattern so it isnt so loosey goosey in the back. It's cute. I like it. So there.
Simplicity 3835 revisited
Simplicity 3835 revisited
And yes, that is Edward behind me because I suckered my Liver Lip daughter into taking this. I also buy her posters of cute guys for her room so that I can look at them without having to have posters in my own room...that would just be weird.
Also, yes, I am so super photogenic and never, ever have an "eat poo and die" look on my face. Get used to that if you read this blog very often. "Pissy"--that is how I roll.


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