Wednesday, April 15, 2009

These are the Spring Chickens!!

We had a very early 5:30am wakeup call from the local post office this morning begging us to hurry up and come and get our chickens. Apparently 15 chickens chirping in your ear while you are trying to sort mail is not a good thing. So, once we prepped for the TCAP by mom actually making the kiddos something to eat this morning, we headed off to collect some chicks.
When you order chicks in the mail, it is assumed that you will check that they all arrived alive in the presence of the post office people. I have never had this be an issue, but we did take a peek once we got back in the car. Arent they cute?
First peek
Then after some kid drop-off, I headed to the Co-op for some Starter prep work for me, obviously. They were out of the 25 pound bags and offered me a 50 pound bag. That is waaaaaay to much, but the guy was nice enough to go get me a lunch sack full of feed from the back room for free to tide me over until tomorrow when they get more in. Very nice of him--so that is why i mention it. Shout out to that guy.
Anywhoo, this is the box and supplies needed for this little chick extravaganza.
Box ready to unwrap
Look what's in the box
These guys are very low maintenance. They require a little food, a little water and a warm light. That is about it other than a giant rubbermaid box.
The temporary chick set up.
Once we got home and got counting, we realized that the 15 we ordered had become 18.
Crowding under the light
Apparently it is cold in Missouri and they added a few freebies to help keep them warm--lovely. My buddy Heather is going to take 7 of them, but that leaves me several more than I planned. We have plenty of room in the big coop, but I hope everyone I know likes eggs. Come late summer we will be swimming in a sea of eggs. Start saving your egg cartons now, please...
Who loves the baby chicks?


Chris rowe said...

The chick in pink is the cutest of the bunch. 8^)

Katelyn said...

She even has a C on her shirt for the occasion, hehe.

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