Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ode To A Plastic Container

My laundry room isnt just for laundry. It is the only storage in the entire downstairs for one thing. Where our fabulous hall closet should be is actually the basement stairs. We should have remedied that in our house plan, but who would have thought we would have so much junk?!
So this "laundry room" is actually that as well as a craft/sewing room and a storage closet and a "we are too lazy to carry this to the basement and I need it out of the living room" room. One day I will have a basement sewing room....not today.
So, this is how this room started. I share this with you why? Dont ask me...stupidity obviously. The rest of my house doesnt look like this. Not today anyway.
If you click on any of these pictures, they have "notes".
Pre-laundry room
Yes, I know. It is gross.
The biggest issue here was the sheer amount of sewing stuff that I had crammed in (and overflowing from) way too small plastic containers that I had leftover when my kitchen went anti-plastic. That is another story.
So, this is the contents of the shelves, spread out on my kitchen table.
Craft supplies
Organizing this was a chore. I have the weirdest stuff. At the bottom there is a pile of fake tattoos. We like Halloween, what can i say?
This is my patterns. No, I didnt count because I dont even want to know....
This is the patterns now. They took over the entire cabinet, but at least they are categorized now so I can find something without going through ALL of them.
Pattern storage.
This is the shelves. All labeled because NOTHING makes me as happy as a label maker.
Laundry room shelves
And look, it's the floor. Ahhh, much better.
Nearly done with laundry room
Appropriate plastic containers are GOOD!!


Katelyn said...

Bravo. You wanna come to NY and set me up with some of those containers?

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