Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Low Carb on the go

We were out on the town running errands today and had a terrific lunch at Fattoush Cafe that I would highly recommend.
This is the Beef Gyro Meat Salad...

It was absolutely delicious. If you go, I also say get the Shangri-la Un-sweet tea and add Splenda. Very low carb and very awesome!!

As a little p.s. , get ya one of these... Venti sugar-free vanilla breve latte. Iced or not-both good!


Anonymous said...

You are a bloggn' fool today! First time I saw that place I thought it was a meat and 3 southern style called "Fat Tosh" it would have worked to because of where it is! That is what they get for writing it on two windows.

Jenni said...

This one was mobile baby...on ye old iphone.

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